Natural Cures Against Urinary Cystitis: Never Tried These Remedies?

The bacterial cystitis can be cured naturally and, caught in time, you can avoid resorting to antibiotics. With a few exceptions, the urinary cystitis appears when the bladder becomes inflamed due to some intestinal bacteria that colonize the vagina. The consequence is that it feels like a sharp abdominal burning, intense pain in the lower abdomen, and often feels the urge to pee.

How to cure cystitis in a natural way?

1) Drink water frequently and follow a balanced diet

The first rule to cure the urinary cystitis is to drink a lot, at least two liters of water a day, often to free the bladder and with it the bacteria responsible for the nuisance. But drinking water is especially important because the moisture dilutes the bacterial bladder and makes more difficult the ascent of bacteria.

Proper nutrition is one that counteracts the sluggish bowel and at the same time fights constipation: it is the place where the bacteria responsible for cystitisintestines are formed.

Via therefore free to celery, onions, plums and kiwi, which help to regulate digestion or diuresis. Out-out instead for dairy products, spicy foods, coffee, dyes, alcohol, spices and unsaturated fats.

2) Do not forget the baking soda

It seems to be a panacea for all ills! In fact, a teaspoon of baking soda a day keeps the doctor away, even in cases of cystitis! Even two teaspoons a day are the natural cure against cystitis, easy to take and no side effects!

3) Help yourself with infusions and decoctions

One of the most effective herbal teas against cystitis is to mauve: promotes diuresis and has an anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial action.

Even bilberry extract (or the juice as an alternative) is a natural cure against cystitis particularly effective because it reduces the adhesion of bacteria to the urinary tract.

Finally, a decoction of artichoke cleanses the urinary tract, revealing a remedy absolutely from your diary, try it!

One last tip: an adequate lifestyle, including regular physical activity, it is equally important to maintain a healthy body and defend it from any kind of infection, in order to maintain the immune system, and to encourage cell turnover circulation blood keep this in mind!