9 great commandments for anti-age

No need to go into too many treatments to prevent the skin to lose its youth and smoothness. The basic and fundamental that one can do every day to prevent aging is at hand.

In these ten tips from expert dermatologists and compiled by one of the publications of beauty most successful of the United States, are the keys to follow daily.

1. Use sunscreen and not only in summer!

Rain or shine must always be applied before leaving home that contains sunscreen to block UVA and UVB, this is the most effective in preventing skin cancer, dermatologists clear. And use is essential not only for peak hours when the sun is most harmful, but every day of your life. Also avoid spots and achieve a very healthy tan. Because even if we use factor 30 (which is most suitable) sun gilds the skin also.

2. Quitting

Apart from causing addiction and be one of the causes of cancer and bad breath, smoking destroys collagen and elastin of the skin. In addition low levels of estrogen are needed to keep skin firm.

3. Retinol Use

It’s the best way to turn back the clock with a cream. The retinoids (derivatives of vitamin A, the formula that has called Retinol) minimize the appearance of age spots and fine lines and preventing the formation of new ones. Many creams contain both the face and neck and chest.

4. Being hydrated

The light soft drinks or juices do not count. When skin is more hydrated, the better they will look fine lines begin to appear or who are already there. Also trimmed with soft drinks and coffee. There are many creams that moisturize certain areas locally and help keep moisture in the most affected.

The expression “time is beauty” actually has some science behind it. Not only the skin require downtime to repair itself, but also for the sagging skin and puffiness around the eyes. A tired face makes wrinkles look much worse.

5. Maintaining a healthy weight

No one has to live on a diet. The effect of weight loss and weight gain constant is not very good for skin because it loses its elasticity over time. Experts warn that as more fluctuating weight, more difficult it is to be back in shape again.

6. Eating healthy and varied

The skin gets the nutrients not only from creams and treatments, but also from the food you eat. The more balanced diet, the younger one is. In some cases it is also good to include multivitamins. To maintain a happy skin, some foods are good as more fatty fish (salmon), dark green vegetables (like broccoli and spinach), almonds and walnuts. It also should drink plenty of green tea antioxidant and reduce or eliminate refined sugars and alcohol, both cause aging with inflammatory skin reactions in many cases.

7. Be moving

Exercise increases blood flow to the skin and promotes a shiny, healthy appearance on the skin. Although only 30 minutes, four or five days a week be enough to make a big difference.

8. Try to relax

The mind-body connection is very powerful so it is important to do some activity to decompress the daily concerns. It is essential to invest some time in our therapies as yoga, massage or allow anyone to relax because stress makes cells age more quickly, and this is absolutely in the skin.

9. Do not touch grain or imperfections

Sun damage causes dark spots with age, but so does picking its faults, as scarring acne-generated handled. To clarify an outbreak, you should use the specific products or Cosmiatra pro recommended by dermatologist. Some contain benzoyl peroxide to kill bacteria that cause acne, and lipo-hydroxy acids to help keep pores clear.

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You must know that the skin takes much longer to repair itself as age spots or marks and do not disappear immediately. So instead of acting on the result, we can prevent the premature deterioration of the skin with these tips as available.